Definitions for "Plug-in"
A browser add-on that usually requires installing platform specific software before certain web pages/features can be viewed/interacted with. Not all plug-in's are available for all platforms.
(Originally called Additions and renamed by Adobe in PageMaker 6.0.) A term for additional software to expand the capabilities of PageMaker. Plug-ins are available from Adobe and other sources to perform many specialized tasks.
An accessory program that adds capabilities to the main program such as browsers. Usually, it is used on Webpages to display multimedia content.
A troubleshooting step that solves most intractable computer problems, i.e., "Screen will not come on," "No lights glowing," etc.
A media processing component that implements the JMF PlugIn interface.
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A 3rd party addition to Max.
User interface components supplied by Enterprise Server adapters to configure adapter operations. Plug-ins were provided for the Event Type/Document Type Editor and Visual Integrator.
A "live" stream sent out to multiple viewers in real-time instead of from a file that is stored on a server and sent out when requested.
Scripting Preliminary Planning
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Publishing Tool Pull Technology
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A single document in a World Wide Website written using the HTML language.