Definitions for "Helper App"
Helper Application. A type of browser add on. Your browser displays lots of things, namely, GIF Pictures, text, sound and video. But no one browser displays everything the millions of web pages out there contains. When your browser comes across files it doesn't recognize, such as an animation, it consults its list of helper apps and chooses on of them so it can view the file. Helper Apps are very similar to plug-ins. But unlike plug-ins, they work independently of your browser and are stand-alone programs.
Add-on applications that support sound, image, and other formats that your browser can't support by itself.
World Wide Web browser add-on applications that support other file formats the browser wouldn’t otherwise recognize. For instance, most browsers can support text and digital images, and helper applications help browsers recognize sound, RealAudio, Acrobat PDF, video, and many other types of files. Home page -- The first (default) document World Wide Web users see when connecting to a particular Web server for the first time. The Army’s home page, Army Link, is located at