Definitions for "Macromedia Flash"
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Flash is a multimedia development tool that creates high-end applications to be embedded into web pages. Flash programs can also be used as stand-alone applications. Flash's power comes from the use of vector graphics, which can be scaled, to anybody's monitor settings without a loss of quality. Another feature that makes Macromedia's Flash popular is the compact size of Flash files. The software can deliver high-end graphics through the web by keeping the file sizes relatively small. Flash can also incorporate video clips, image files, sound files, and will import files from other vector programs like Adobe Illustrator.
Macromedia Flash is a program, browser plugin, and file format for creating and viewing interactive movies. It is similar to SMIL+ SVG. See also: Macromedia Flash Professional Wikipedia: Macromedia Flash
Rich dynamic content applications - what is used in the Client, Receptionist and Administrator Desktop pages.
The software that the The Brothers Chaps use to make the Homestar Runner cartoons.