Definitions for "Hypermedia"
The various digital and on-line media, such as CD-ROM, the internet, webcasting etc.
A way (for users and programmers) to gather, organize, present, search and customize information from multimedia, databases, and other types of stored information. HyperCard, HyperStudio, and LinkWay are three examples of hypermedia programs. (See button, card, field.) (WP, Gr. 6)
The original use was 'hypertext' when systems could only support text.
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Nelson, 1965 (ACM?)
This is a method of constructing or authoring training material. Eg: See something you want to examine? Freeze the frame and click on the object to zoom in for a closeup and a voice-over description. Click on a picture of a car and the body becomes transparent; click on the transmission and it explodes into a complete disassembly diagram with animated step-by-step procedures for dismantling.
The practice of connecting portions of documents and other data objects together, such as by cross-references, quotations, annotations, etc.
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These are non-textual features (e.g. menu buttons, image maps) that allow the user to move around, scan, browse and retrieve content.