Definitions for "Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language"
( SMIL, pronounced "smile"). The SMIL language is an easy-to-learn HTML-like language. Thus, SMIL presentations can be written using a text-editor. A SMIL presentation can be composed of streaming audio, streaming video, images, text or any other media type.
a markup language under development by the W3C that will allow Web developers to separate the content of multimedia into distinct files and transmission streams such as, text, images, audio, and video. They can then be sent to the users' computer separately, and then reassembled and displayed as intended.
Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language (SMIL) is a markup language developed by the Word Wide Web Consortium (W3C). It can be used to synchrronize captions and audio descriptions with online video. SMIL is supported by the greatest number of media players, including RealOne and recent versions of QuickTime. Windows Media Player does not support SMIL.