Definitions for "FLA"
A Macromedia Flash source document. Can be used with any machine that has the commercial Macromedia Flash editor, currently available for only Macintosh and MS-Windows.
The source file format for Macromedia Flash. This is the file that is required to edit a Flash movie.
fla files are native to Macromedia Flash. This is the file extension used when creating these files (as opposed to .swf when they are exported).
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FoodBev Learnership Agency
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First Loss Account. A contingent liability account established by an MPF bank for each Master Commitment based on and in the amount required under the applicable MPF Mortgage Product description. This account is the liability of the MPF Bank with respect to the realized loss arising under such Master Commitment.
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Family Law Act 1975 (Cth)
Finance & Leasing Association
Fishpond Lease Agreement
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Full load amperes.
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Fair Labor Association
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Four-Letter Acronym