Definitions for "Web Browser"
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A web browser is the software application used to browse or surf the web aspect of the Internet. The web browser reads the HTML codes in a webpage and presents the page to the visitor with the formatting, etc. Popular web browser applications include Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape, AOL browser, etc. Microsoft's Internet Explorer has probably well over 90% of the browser market. Most webmasters today design primarily for the Internet Explorer browser. Back to up
A program for viewing HTML documents. Examples like Internet Explorer, Navigator.
A software program that's used to transfer and interpret documents on the Web.
a complex thing, and JavaScript is a powerful scripting language
a much more complex piece of software than you may realize on first examination, and Firefox--with the core Gecko engine surrounded by a large wrapper written in XUL and JavaScript--provides a fertile ground for any number of changes and enhancements
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an example of a multithreaded application
a ubiquitous application on every machine (in a computer lab, for instance)
Wireless access point
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an incredibly simple beast
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an ActiveX container
a seriously complex piece of code which is simultaneously exposed to potentially hostile input from the net and used for tasks requiring a high degree of trust - working with financial sites, for example
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A developer whose output is measured not in completed layouts and scripts, but in Amazon dollars spent, chat sessions completed, and mailing list flame threads contributed to.
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a great way to monitor, stop and start processes, and call routines from a device
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a tool for people to get information from the web
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Web Design , Communications web designer Web Design