Definitions for "Podcast"
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A PODcast is a audio broadcast over the internet. It is usually associated with apples portable music player, the iPOD. You do not need a iPOD to listen to PODcast.
An audio broadcast made available on the internet. Uses the RSS technology originally developed for News Feeds to allow subscribers to be automatically download new episodes as they're made available. Instead of headlines, each item in a podcast RSS news feed relates to a single MP3 audio file. The name derives from a combination of Apple's iPod MP3 player and 'broadcast'.
A radio or video show that allows you to subscribe to it online, for automatic uploads to your MP3 player. The technology for podcasts is a version of RSS, which allows you to subscribe to text content using news reader software or sites.( Webopedia entry)
a great new way to share information with others
a great way for any musician or band to keep in touch with fans and build relationships
a great way to get the information to people who want to use online dating but are hesitant", says Rob Thompson, website owner
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a personal diary
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a professional-qualit
an attention-getting addition to your marketing mix
a terrific free service you can offer your clients and your prospects
a creative communication tool that allows faculty to interact with their students outside the classroom
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a show that typically runs for a few minutes once a day or maybe for an hour once per week
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a natural outlet for him
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a web blog (blog) that you can hear
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a recorded item, it can range in any length and be about anything
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a good example of this