Definitions for "Playlist"
A sequential list of soundfile regions that can be played... ( more)
A set of media files in the QTSS or DSS media folder specified to play one after the other or in random sequence.
A playlist shows a table of the songs you have currently loaded into a MP3 (software) player. The playlist gives you the order, the lenght and the title of the tracks - and various options - e.g. to shuffle the songs - that is to play them in random order.
Playlist is a New Zealand short-lived compilation album. The album is the 1st edition of the now defunct (NZ) Playlist series.
Playlist is a soundtrack for the anime series Samurai Champloo. It features Japanese hip-hop music performed by Tsutchie.
a discrete group of Permanent Downloads that are arranged together in a unique order
a discrete group of Purchased Tracks that are arranged together in a particular order
a group of game settings that are available in Matchmaking
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a very nice feature designed for multiple videos to be placed on your web site, in the "Web Master Tools" section
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a special target I can set