Definitions for "ID3"
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This is a special section of an MP3 file that contains information about the title, artist, genre, and more. This provides much more information than just the file name could provide. [see also MP3, Metadata
A file tag for the MP3 format which stores a small amount of information, like song name, artist, data, album, year, genre, and comment.
RealJukebox Plus is ID3 (version 1.1) compatible. This means track information (track title, artist name, genre, etc.) is stored in your actual music files, not just in the RealJukebox database.
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The "Destroy Black Ferah's Shadow" Quest. Called ID3 as it was the third quest given by the NPC Isin Dule
Iterative Dichotomiser 3, an algorithm used to generate a decision tree
Independence (statistical) Inside Sales Integration Intelligent agent software Internet Internet-Based Customer Service Suites Intranet ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) ISP (Internet service provider)
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