Definitions for "IPod"
Keywords:  apple, portable, nano, music, pod
is a brand of portable digital mp3 audio players designed and marketed by Apple Computer.
A leading brand of digital music player.
The iPod is a portable music player developed by Apple Computer. Though it is ...
Keywords:  eventully, jolting, min, crash, prone
a computer, and as such will eventually crash, and you will lose everything
a min hard disk (like in your computer), and has moving parts that are eventully prone to failure, especially when you use it for "jolting" activity such as running
Keywords:  distraction, wonderful
a wonderful distraction
Keywords:  ferrari, dap, sport, car
a DAP, just like a ferrari is a sport car
Keywords:  dtm, over
IP over DTM
Keywords:  purse, sock, drawer, guy, lot
a lot like a women's purse or a guy's sock drawer
a fashion accessory to these kids
a playback tool, not a media management tool or a camera accessory
Keywords:  amazing, great, little, invention, earn
a great investment, not that it would earn for you, but you would get great quality performance every time
a great little invention
an amazing little machine
Keywords:  stuff, fragile, technology, piece, cool
a fragile piece of technology
a really cool piece of technology that does cool stuff
Keywords:  joyous, thing, hold, hand, your
a joyous thing to hold in your hand
a big investment, so protect it from bumps and scratches wherever you go
Keywords:  nice, wait, save, buy, cash
a good example, given its nice but if one were to wait and save cash they could buy one with out having to put it on the credit card
Keywords:  graduate, excellent, gift
an excellent gift for a graduate
Keywords:  ultimate, photo, toy, know, age
You know it's the ultimate toy of our age. I have a G3 G4 iPod Photo with 20GB 60GB .
Keywords:  passive, way, product
a PASSIVE product the way a TV is
Keywords:  pretty, device, thing, well, example
an example of a device that does (pretty much) one thing, and does it (pretty) well
a similar device to