Definitions for "CMX"
Central Muon EXtension- part of the CDF detector that detects muons at larger angles than what the CMU/CMP covers.
Compact Media Extension: A QUALCOMM technology that offers time-synchronized multimedia output of MIDI music, text, graphics, and voice in mobile devices.
Compact Media Extensionsâ„¢. QUALCOMMâ€(tm)s multimedia software that enables developers to create cost-effective, customized ringtones and screensavers. CMX enables time-synchronization of MIDI-based music, text, graphics, animation and voice. Visit:
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olortran ulitple. A precursor to DMX.
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CMX is a division of Wildstorm Productions, an imprint of DC Comics which in turn is owned by Time-Warner. It is DC's line of manga translations.
The most commonly used editing computer. The EDL is loaded into it and it executes the edits and effects by controlling all of the required video machines. Actually it may not control all of them. Certain operatios may need to be done manually. Most editing computers use the CMX language, which has become industry standard.