Definitions for "pak "
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pak is a collection of three tools. pakx is a command line PAK file extraction/listing tool, pakc is a command line PAK file creator and gtkpak is a Gtk+ front-end to PAK files, featuring a directory tree and table listing the files, plus full support for extracting files and exploding entire PAK files .
Quake game data (filename extension).
The name given by Nintendo to the physical cartridge that Game Boy and Game Boy Advance games come on.
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See Product Authorization Key.
Product authorization key. License to access Compaq Computer Corporation software.
Product Authorization Key. A list of essential information about a software license that must be registered in the license database for users to have access to a product. The PAK issuer produces the PAK and delivers it to you, usually as part of your product shipment.
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Panzer-Abwehr-Kanone; anti-tank canon
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An edible fern.
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Polyester alkyd
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is something that is clean, not najis
Program acknowledgment character. Sent from the reader when the received IRL program compiles with no errors.
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Mouth (of a river, etc. The p in pak is pronounced much like b)