Definitions for "New media"
usually refers to the use of the most recent digital technologies in the fine arts such as multimedia art Web sites.
All emerging communications media that combine text, graphics, sound, and video, using computer technology.
There are two fundamental points that distinguish "new" media from media that preceded it, much of which still exists: 1. how it is transmitted and accessible ‹ both the new emphasis on the integration of text, pictures, video, sound; and the increasing use of the internet as the vehicle; 2. interactivity — this is both a defining feature of "new" media and likely to be the most significant area for "future new" media development. Encompassing, the integration of computers, computer networking, and multimedia.(Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission)
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an e-Learnz member
The range of information and communications services delivered over the Internet.
a trading name of Internet Architechs Ltd
a general term covering non-traditional ways of delivering advertising or promotion messages, anything from text messaging to the Internet
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Interet and AM talk radio
A term used to define web design/development, referring mainly to the relatively ‘new’ nature of the tools and methods used compared to traditional design mediums.
a web page designer or web developer who builds professional custom (or templated) websites to your specifications