Definitions for "Webcast"
( Web + broadcast) (noun) A broadcast of video signals that's digitized and streamed on the World Wide Web, and which may also be made available for download. (verb) To digitize and stream a broadcast on the World Wide Web.
Webcasting is the method by which sound or video media is broadcast online. RealPlayer is one Webcasting application used to transmit both video and audio on the World Wide Web. Webcasting can describe live, delayed and prerecorded material broadcast online.
A live streaming media event broadcast for the Internet.
a presentation without the interaction, like watching a film rather than attending a workshop
a type of online presentation and one of the forms of web conferencing
an ongoing and repeating download of specially selected web content
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1. The act of webcasting. 2. An individual program that has been, will be, or is being webcast.
(v) The act of webcasting. (n) An individual program which has been, will be, or is being webcast.
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a medium of communication, which enables businesses to get their products in front of the people very fast
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a different matter
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