Definitions for "Push technology"
A means to deliver personalized information automatically to a user's desktop.
Software that automates the delivery of information to users. In contrast, the Web is a "pull" environment that requires a user to seek information. In a "push" environment, information is sent to a person proactively, through a Web browser, e-mail, or even voice mail or a pager. In business, push technology can be used for the conveyance of time-sensitive information, like changes in commodity pricing or the introduction of promotional programs to a sales force. Enterprises can employ push technology to communicate externally with their clients or internally with their employees over a network.
Push is used to deliver web pages to the users desktop PC without them specifically requesting each page. It is the Internet equivalent of a TV channel hence it is sometimes also known as NetCasting. Important players are Marimba, Pointcast, Microsoft (Internet Explorer 4.0) and Netscape (Netcaster).