Definitions for "User agent"
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An agent the user uses.
client within a device that performs rendering. Browsers are examples of user agents, as are web robots that automatically traverse the web collecting information.
Portion of a log file that identifies the browser and platform used by a visitor.
(UA) (n.) An ISO/OSI application process that acts on behalf of a user or an organization in the X.400 Message Handling System. The UA creates, submits, and receives messages for you.
an application that retrieves and renders Web resources, including text, graphics, sounds, video, images, and other objects
an end system acting on behalf of a user
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See UAS.
a grammar processor that accepts user input and matches that input against a grammar to produce a recognition result that represents the detected input
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user friendly user session
a mail program that humans use
a program that provides access to the mail system
An electronic mail program that helps end users manage messages.
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a tool used by a user to access and perform certain tasks with resources
system entity operated by a user, that is capable of accessing Web resources.
The client component, such as Netscape Communicator, that allows users to create, send, and receive mail messages.
The client that initiates a request.
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a string that an application sends out onto a network to identify itself
a title used to identify the particular search engine
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an application which is used to browse the World Wide Web
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An object that associates an end user with a device type.