Definitions for "UAS"
Uniform Accounting System – One of two major subdivisions of the Administrative Information System (AIS). The UAS is comprised of systems or modules that support financial, payroll, and other related functions on campuses.
1) University of Agricultural Sciences (India) 2) Urea-ammonium sulfate
University Accounting Service. Hope College's servicing agent for the Federal Perkins Loan program. UAS administers the electronic promissory note process for all Perkins Loan borrowers at Hope College and services all Perkins Loans made to Hope students throughout the entire repayment period.
Upstream activator sequence. A DNA sequence some distance in front of a gene that increases transcription of the gene. Such sequences often stimulate binding of RNA polymerase to the promoter.
User Agent Server. Logical part of SIP implementation which receives SIP requests and generates SIP responses. See also: downstream, UAC, upstream
User Agent Server. In SIP, a server application that contacts the user when a SIP request is received, then returns a response on behalf of the user. The response accepts, rejects or redirects the request.
a measurement of signal quality. Unavailable seconds start accruing when ten consecutive severely errored seconds occur.
unavailable seconds. At least 10 contiguous severely errored seconds.
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Unitary Authorities. In terms of waste management, these authorities function as WCA and WDA
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Unmanned Aerial System