Definitions for "Media Server"
A device that processes multimedia applications such as call distribution, fax-on-demand, and automated e-mail response programs. Media servers consolidate separate communications devices, often resulting in reduced start-up costs, simplified maintenance and administration, and increased application development flexibility.
Specialized server software that takes advantage of appropriate Web transfer protocols such as RTSP (real time streaming protocol), as well as special communication techniques between clients and servers, to facilitate the continuous playback of synchronized audio and video in real time, adjusting the streams transmitted to the actual bandwidth available. Media server software may be running on discrete hardware, or can be deployed in combination with Web server software running on the same device.
server computer that provides encoded media (e.g., music, television, movies) to client computers that will play the media to their users.
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a component that implements the MSF/MRF
An AIX-based component of the Content Manager system that is used for storing and accessing video files.
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