Definitions for "blended"
Keywords:  duh, elearning, rage, eons, lecture
Current rage in eLearning circles. Means using more than one learning medium, generally adding an instructor component to web-based training. Duh! Blended is only a revelation for people who had been trying to do everything with just one tool – the computer. Classroom teachers having been blending various means of learning – lecture, discussion, practice, reading, projects, and writing, for example -- for eons.
combined or mixed together so that the constituent parts are indistinguishable. Antonym of unblended.
Teas of different crops, estates or origins that are combined for consistent characteristics.
Textile materials made of a combination of two or more fibers, yarns or filaments.
A term applied to an element of a coin (design, date, lettering, etc.) that is worn into another element or the surrounding field.