Definitions for "Direct access"
In VSAM, the accessing of individual records directly. Using direct access, the records preceding the record you want are not read (or written).
Internet access that makes your computer a separate Internet node. SLIP and PPP effectively simulate direct access.
Direct Access enables customers to purchase electricity directly from power producers or through power marketers/brokers. In California, a direct access customer must contract with an Energy Services Provider (ESP) who has a contractual arrangement with the host utility. Direct access customers are also referred to as “unbundled service” customers. They also have the ability to obtain services such as metering or billing from their ESP rather than their host utility. In September 2001, the CPUC suspended direct access for new customers. (Also see “Bundled Service.”)
an arrangement for GPs to make use of hospital based facilities, such as laboratory investigations, x-rays, physiotherapy, and so on, without reference to a third party such as a consultant..
Using a numeric keypad, you simply press the corresponding key to hear a specific track.
the right for a Generator to engage in a Bilateral Contract with a Buyer
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See self referral.
A computer connection that lets you use Internet software (e.g., a graphic browser ) on your personal computer.
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Finding one record without reading other records.