Definitions for "APS"
Auxiliary Power Supply. Supplementary power feeding which supplies the Power Source 1 when the NT is not supplying power. This accessory is used in the English public networks, for example.
Automatic Protection Switching. A lower-layer network restoration system used in SONET networks.
Autodialer Phone Systems
Australian Protective Service
Automatic Paper Selection original size is detected by platen or document feeder, while matching copy paper size is fed from appropriate paper source (also known as Auto Paper Sensing)
Automatic protection switch
Accessible pedestrian signal. A device that communicates information about pedestrian timing in nonvisual format such as audible tones, verbal messages, and/or vibrating surfaces. (MUTCD)
See Accessible pedestrian signal.
Accessible Pedestrian Signal. A device that communicates information about pedestrian signal timing in non-visual format, through the use of audible tones (or verbal messages) and vibrating surfaces.
Attending Physician Statement. A written statement provided by a person's physician, that describes the patient's diagnosis, course of treatment, and prognosis.
Attending Physician Statement. A report, completed by the proposed insured's (or, in a claim situation, the insured's) physician, which documents current and prior health history. Used in the evaluation process of approving an application (or claim).
Attending Physician's Statement. Medical information and records usually obtained from the insured's primary care physician and used in underwriting a life or health insurance application.
Acronym for American Periodical Series, a microfilm collection
see American Philatelic Society.
American Pain Society.
(Academic Programs Section) - members are the designated administrators of academic programs at the colleges of agriculture of all the states and territories. ACOP (Academic Committee on Organization and Policy) - the representative governing body of the Academic Programs Section.
Academic Personnel System: database used by the Academic Personnel Office to track tenure, faculty events, and histories.
Academic Permissions Service. This Copyright Clearance Center pay-per-use service conveys permission to educators to make photocopies of copyrighted material for coursepacks and classroom handouts.
antiphospholipid syndrome
Anti-phospholipid syndrome a.k.a. Hughes Syndrome. A condition in which Anticardiolipins cause "sticky blood" and is characterized by strokes, transient ischemic attacks, severe headaches, memory loss and other central nervous system effects. See "I've been told I must never become pregnant."
pproved rivate chool: Designation by the PA Department of Education for 30 licensed private special education schools whose programs have been approved to serve eligible children with a combination of state/district funds.
Alliance of Parents and Schools.
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Amunition Points
Anti Poverty Strategies. an attempt at a co-ordinated approach to tackling poverty including programmes to help people claim benefits, manage debt, have access to low interest small loans and better access to social work and housing services.
Andreou Property Strategy: Your Real Estate Consultants
Army Prepositioned Stocks
Army pre-positioned stocks
Usenet newsgroup alt.personals.spanking. The most appropriate place on Usenet for spanking-related personal ads.
appearance potential spectrometer
Absolute Pressure Sensor Atmospheric Pressure Sensor
Annual Population Survey
Annual Person Summary
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The Airways Pension Scheme that was closed to new members in 1984.
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Average particle size
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Are you open? Around us
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Affected persons