Definitions for "Medical Examination"
In life and health insurance, the physical examination of a proposed insured, usually conducted by a licensed physician or other qualified medical personnel, the results of which become part of the application, and are attached to the policy contract. The so-called nonmedical in reality is a short-form medical report and is filled out by the agent. Various company rules, such as amount of insurance applied for or already in force, age of applicant, sex, past physical history, data revealed by inspection report, etc., determine whether the examination shall be medical or nonmedical.
A medical history and exam completed by a doctor that the insurer may require of the applicant during the underwriting process – typically, paid for by the life insurer underwriting the application.
In the underwriting process for life and health insurance, an examination by a physician may be required. The physician is selected by the insurance company and performs the tests that are based on the size of the policy, and the age and health of the proposed insured.
a right expressly guaranteed by law and can be carried out at the mere request of the detainee or members of his or her family
an extraordinary discovery device, resort to which is not generally cause to adjourn trial
The evaluation of a member's medical condition to assist in the determination of eligibility for a disability benefits