Definitions for "phi"
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PERSONAL HISTORY INTERVIEW. A review of an insurance applicant's life and health record, financial standing, vocation, personal character and habits and driving record. These characteristics are taken into consideration during the underwriting process and risk classification of one applying for insurance.
Permanent Health Insurance. If you cannot work because of illness or an accident, this pays a regular monthly amount until you retire, or return to work.
Permanent health insurance. This replaces part of your income if you are unable to work because of illness or disability.
(pronounced "feye") 1) The term for the irrational number that is the result of adding one to the square root of five and dividing it all by two. 2) The golden ratio 3) Number represented by Ø 4) Roughly 1.618...(repeats infinitely)
The Golden Mean, Golden ratio, Golden Number (1,618 or 0,618) (read more) The golden ratio is typically symbolized by the Greek letter φ (phi), with τ (tau) being less common. The Architect Le Corbusier used the golden ratio as the basis of his Modulor system of Architecture (The Modulor is printed on the Pulse CD). DIAMETER, from the Greek diairo: divide, and metro: measure).
The Golden Mean or the Golden Proportion. Although this is best expressed as a ratio, it is usually approximated as 1.618.
precision and heading (or homing) indicator
Precision heading indicator also: precision homing indicator
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PABX Host Interfacing. General term for CTI used by Probe Research.
The correlation coefficient when both of the variables are measured as dichotomies.
Is shorthand for "Primary Hyperoxaluria Type 1". See Hyperoxaluria.
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Platform Handel via Internet
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The Team ID for the Philadelphia Eagles.
Profoundly Hearing Impaired; hearing loss of more than 90 dB. No useful hearing.
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Abbreviation for the Philadelphia 76ers
Rotation about the Y-axis of the camera. When viewed from the positive end of the axis, a plus rotation is counter-clockwise.
PRIMARY HIV INFECTION. the initial introduction of HIV into the body; the earliest stage of HIV disease.
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pre-harvest interval
PHI is a project for processing geographic images
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Property administrator
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See private mortgage insurance.