Definitions for "Rune"
A letter, or character, belonging to the written language of the ancient Norsemen, or Scandinavians; in a wider sense, applied to the letters of the ancient nations of Northern Europe in general.
Old Norse poetry expressed in runes.
Stick-like figures, some of which are remnants of the old Teutonic alphabets. Others are pictographs. These symbols are once again widely being used in magick and divination.
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Rune is a fictional vampire-like being from Malibu Comics' Ultraverse imprint. He was created by Barry Windsor-Smith and Chris Ulm, and first appeared in Sludge #1 (another Malibu comic).
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a kind of upgrade item that is applied to a character's armor
an item that enchances a specific aspect of your character
A special item that grants powers to items once they have been socketed. RuneWords are a special combination of runes to grant even more power to an item.
Rune is a computer game, made by Human Head Studios. It was released in late 2000. A standalone game/expansion was released in 2001, called .