Definitions for "SIGIL"
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A seal; a signature.
A magically oriented seal, sign, glyph, or other device used in a magickal working. The most powerful sigils are those that you create yourself. They can be used on almost anything. Also know in some si-fi fantasy novels as a "wizard's mark."
In Ceremonial Magic, an image that symbolizes a specific spirit, deity, angel or supernatural being.
Sigil is an American comic book published by CrossGen Entertainment from July 2000 to December 2003, ending at issue forty-two. Sigil was one of the publisher's first four titles (the others are Mystic, Scion, and Meridian), a science fiction space opera, originally created by Mark Alessi and Gina M. Villa.
Sigil (pronounced //) is a fictional city-state and the supposed center of the universe in the Planescape campaign setting for Dungeons & Dragons.
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Sigil is the debut album from Nuru Kane, and his band Bayfal Gnawa.
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SIGIL provides services for asynchronous play of pen-and-paper d20 RPGs. It is designed to be a solution for players of play-by-post or play-by-email gaming.
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a visual concentration of the will