Definitions for "Talisman"
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A magical figure cut or engraved under certain superstitious observances of the configuration of the heavens, to which wonderful effects are ascribed; the seal, figure, character, or image, of a heavenly sign, constellation, or planet, engraved on a sympathetic stone, or on a metal corresponding to the star, in order to receive its influence.
Hence, something that produces extraordinary effects, esp. in averting or repelling evil; an amulet; a charm; as, a talisman to avert diseases.
Talisman: an amulet for Spiritual blessings and protection.
The Exchange's computerized settlement system.
The old stock exchange computerised settlement system which was replaced by CREST.
The Exchange's computerised settlement system that acts as a central clearing house for transaction in equities.
(Historical) Teaching and Learning in Scottish Metropolitan Area Network s. Delivered a national staff development programme to Scottish FE, funded by SHEFC.
Teaching and Learning in the Scottish MANs
Talisman is a fictional superhero featured in the publications of Marvel Comics. She first appeared in Alpha Flight (vol. 1) #5. The character was created by John Byrne.
Talisman Energy Inc, the largest independent Canadian oil and gas producer. Headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, it was the operational partner and owned 25 percent of GNPOC from October 1998 until early 2003. Talisman was spun off from British Petroleum and is now one of Canada's largest corporations.
a storehouse of some particular kind of energy, the kind that is needed to accomplish the task for which you have constructed it
a symbol, unique to you, that establishes a subtle yet powerful connection to your goal
A necklace symbolizing individual Immunity. The Survivor who wears the necklace is immune from being voted out at Tribal Council.
A Talisman is a special weapon, one of three introduced in the third story arc of the Sailor Moon series. Finding the Talismans is a major plot point during this arc because bringing the three together causes an item called the Holy Grail to appear (or, in the English-dubbed anime, the Purity Chalice). In the hands of a powerful being called a Messiah, this item can bring about the destruction or the healing of the world.
a figure created under auspicious astrological conditions to energize it for a specific purpose
Drawings of various shapes and sizes which have specific purposes of good luck.
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Opposite of Shortisman.
August 1944 posthostilities plan for Germany
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Talisman is an offline area builder written in Java for SMAUG
Talisman is an interpreter for a logical markup language. This language contains the content and logic of a web based user interface, including arbitrary datatypes and processing actions.