Definitions for "Golem "
Animated manufactured creature (kind of like a robot) but can be made of things like wood, clay or stone as well as metal.
A body without a soul, made out of clay and brought to live through one of a number of often complex procedures. Golem have typically been created as servants and protectors. They appear to be human. In some stories they have powers, such as great strength, a knack for picking out evil-doers, a lack of fear, sensitive hearing, and invulnerability to fire and water. However, they can never speak. The finishing touch in bringing a golem to life is to inscribe a Name of God on its body (often forehead) or by putting a piece of paper with a Name in its mouth. Removing the paper or scratching out the Name will deactivate it. Other variations include writing "Adam" on the forehead, and scratching out the first letter, leaving the word ³"Dam" (blood) to deactivate it; or by writing "Emet" (truth), and scratching out the first letter, leaving the word "Met" (dead). In many stories the golem must be deactivated because it grows too large or goes out of control­the price paid for attempting to create life.
Jewish legend of a man artificially created by cabalistic rites; a kind of robot.
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Code name for an upcoming AMD chipset. It is rumored to be a high end server chipset with HT support.
an ambitious undertaking dressed in motley clothing
Golem is a German extreme death metal band founded in July 1989. It will take part in the 2007 Chronical Moshers Open Air festival.
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The Golem is a fictional enemy in the video game Mega Man Zero.
Golem is an X11 Window Manager. Design goals are that it be fast, lightweight, and customizable .
a mechanism that can move automatically