Definitions for "Paladin"
A knight-errant; a distinguished champion; as, the paladins of Charlemagne.
One of Charlemagne's twelve peers, and by a similar description King Arthur's knights of the Round Table. The word has been extended to be applied to any medieval champion or knight of distinctive virtue.
someone who fights for a cause
a fighter for Justice, a priest usually is a little more adverse to combat
a fighter for the gods, blessed by the gods, granted power by the gods
a fighter people, and that is that
a level above all of the other levels
an excellent support class
a very safe class to level up
Paladin is a Marvel Comics character, a mercenary. He first appeared in Daredevil (Vol. 1) #150 (January 1978). While he claims that Paladin is his real name, he often goes by the name Paul Denning (an obvious play on his nom de guerre).
Keywords:  aoe, endgame, viable, spec, gear
a very viable AoE tank, and can off tank and even main tank many endgame instances, based on gear and spec
Keywords:  quiksilver, palmer, brass, nickel, guns
One of Palmer's pump-guns. With direct-feed and QuikSilver system. Nickel-plated brass body.
Keywords:  palace, companion, king, resident
a resident of a palace, a king's companion
Keywords:  ogre, mage, winning, later, record
an Ogre-Mage who has a winning later record
Keywords:  defender, society, self
a defender of society, not a defender of the self