Definitions for "SPEC"
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The location code used in UNL Libraries catalog records for the University Archives & Special Collections, located in Love Library South, Room 29. See map.
Mandeville Special Collections Library (UCSD) not in current use; superseded by MSCL.
(Short for speculation.) Used as a noun or a verb, as in "I specced yesterday that Vad was in love with Barbie, then I read someone else's spec saying the opposite and decided he was in love with me instead." [ Variant: Spac. Speculation that is so intentionally wild and off the mark that it ventures into the territory of completely different games or subject matter. "Dude! Get away from me with your crazy spac!"].tôp.
Selection Prequalification and Evaluation of Consultants is a computer system used by PWGSC to register architectural and engineering firms.
Systems Performance Evaluation Cooperative. A non-profit organization formed in November 1988 to develop a standard suite of benchmark programs that effectively measures the performance of competing systems in actual application environments. SPECint92, is the 1992 benchmark for integer operations. SPECfp92 is the 1992 benchmark for floating-point operations.
short for “spectacle,” a colorful pageant that includes animals, performers, props and floats and is performed before the intermission
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a document that you want people to read
Many of the FeBe operations use a set of specs to specify a set of arbitrary Udanax Green objects. A spec is either a span of globally addressed elements like documents, or a document identifier and a set of vspans (document local spans).
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Various governing bodies may require certain components of the kart (e.g. tires, engine) to fit certain 'specifications' (specs). The tech inspection will try to ensure that all components are according to spec. Some open classes do not bother about such technicalities.
A prepared "speculative" or "suggested" rough sketch of a layout incorporating copy, illustrations and design, used to promote the advertiser's products and services.
To determine and communicate the characteristics of typeset copy, color, or other aspects of a page layout.
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a Factory style direct plug in CD Changer and Single Disc Player for Honda
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a good car on Acura
Short for "speculation," the industry term for work done without a contract, "on the come," and therefore solely owned by the writer. A "spec script," if the buzz around it is hot enough, is often auctioned.
a script that was written without the prior guarantee that it would be sold. In other words, it was written with the speculation that it might sell. Most scripts written are considered "speculative."
The written specifications for a project that outline materials to be used, construction methods, finishes, etc.
Short for "speculation." Work done "on spec" is done for no guaranteed remuneration, in hope of winning the job, campaign or account in question. Pitches to prospective clients used to be done almost exclusively on spec.
shortened word for spectator. This occurs when a person loses the ability to type in a chat room and instead, is only allowed spectator privileges. Inappropriate behavior usually causes someone to be "specced".
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a tester's insurance - hold it close to your heart
a plastic device that prohibits the bird from using direct forward vision
a solid plan of going forward
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An extra who goes to a set speculating that he/she may be hired on the spot for the day. Specs may be hired if the casting company has not provided enough extras, an extra has not shown up, or the spec has a specific look that the AD likes.
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Special (edition or issue)
a detailed description of design criteria for a piece of work
a description of what your software should do
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a new vendor, we are by no means new to the forums
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an approximation of what is desired
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Spectator. A person taking up a slot on a server but not playing on anyone team
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Meeting specifications.
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a public standard
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See On Spec.