Definitions for "Prequalification"
When a mortgage lender reviews your credit history, income, assets and liabilities in order to determine an appropriate loan amount.
when you pre-qualify for a loan, a lender completes a preliminary assessment of your ability to pay for a home. You get the lender's estimate of how much you can borrow.
The process of determining how much money an individual can borrow before taking an actual application.
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An assessment of capabilities, current capacity, etc. as an initial part of a selection process. Used to narrow the number of bidder s when inviting tender s for contract work and thereby reduce the amount of work for both those bidder s unlikely to be successful on these grounds as well as the amount of work in review ing the submissions and making a final selection for award. [D03153] RMW
A preliminary assessment of a buyer's ability to pay for a home.
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Test performed to determine how far a customer is from a central office and what types of DSL connection are available to them.
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Probate sale Property tax
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A letter similar to a pre-approval letter but with less detail, substance and weight.
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Another name for a mortgage analysis.