Definitions for "Loan officer"
MP] Employees of lenders or mortgage brokers who find borrowers, sell and counsel them, and take applications.
A person that helps borrowers through the loan selection, processing and closing of a mortgage loan. Loan officers can be paid a commission or salary for their services and can work for mortgage brokers, mortgage bankers, or depository institutions.
Official representative of a lending institution who is empowered to loan money within certain guidelines.
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a little bit harder to quantify, largely because the bad ones often don't show their true colors until late in the house-buying process
The liaison between the home buyer and the various professionals that are involved in the loan process.
Loan Origination
a mortgage professional who assists with originating a mortgage loan for a borrower
an individual who originates mortgage loans directly for a mortgage loan company
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The person who helps a buyer secure a loan. They work with a buyer on the details of the loan; its structure, its rate, etc.