Definitions for "Pre-approval"
A thorough process used to assess the prospective borrower's ability to pay back the loan. It determines how much money a prospective home buyer can borrow
The process of using a formal loan application to guarantee your loan amount, pending property appraisal.
MP] A lender commitment to make a mortgage loan to a specified borrower, prior to the identification of the property that will be mortgaged.
Arranging financing before you pick out a vehicle.
a guarantee that you can qualify for financing to a maximum purchase price and loan amount
a process that tells you if you qualify and for how much
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A process by which a potential home buyer credit qualifies for a home mortgage before making an offer on a house.
an excellent tool when making an offer to buy a home
This term is used when the insurance company has agreed, prior to surgery, to cover the procedure.
a more detailed and more involved process
a much more intensive process
The process of applying for a mortgage without a specific property.
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a good first step
an analysis of the borrower’s position without a specific property identified.