Definitions for "Serviceability"
Enables remote network management support for the Cisco CRA system. Serviceability enables this support through CiscoWorks and through any other third-party network management system (NMS) that uses standard protocols.
Contractual term used to define the support received from an external supplier
A criterion that defines acceptable in-service performance of a partition or ceiling. The criterion is usually specified as a deflection limit, but may also be specified as an acoustic rating.
The limit state which when exceed can lead to the structure being unfit for its intended use.
A borrower's ability to make repayments (service) on the loan when payments are due.
The ability of a borrower to meet the terms of a loan.
The ability of the borrower to meet interest rate repayments when other expenses have been taken into account. Each bank measures the ability of the borrower to service a loan differently, hence the amount one can borrow varies a good deal between financial institutions.
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The capability to serve. This was a critical factor in the air war, as lower serviceability rates indicated fewer available aircraft; keeping serviceability high was a key role of air force ground crew.
A term used to indicate the capability for a system to be maintained and updated. Often serviceability issues are measured by how easy a maintenance task can be performed or how quickly a system fault can be tracked down and repaired.
A dimension of quality that refers to a productâ€(tm)s ease of repair.
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the quality of being able to provide good service
Serviceability is a term from both civil engineering and computer engineering, with different meanings.