Definitions for "Loan Consolidation"
Combining several loans into a new loan with one payment.
A new loan that is created by combining the repayment of two or more student loans to reduce the amount of monthly payments and extend the loan repayment term. Merit-Based Scholarship – A scholarship awarded primarily on the basis of the student's academic achievement, special talent, and/or community service.
A loan program that allows a borrower to combine various educational loans into one new loan. By extending the repayment period (up to 30 years depending on the loan amount) and allowing a single monthly payment, consolidation can make loan repayment easier for some borrowers.
When one large loan is taken out to pay off a variety of smaller loans held with different providers. A mortgage can be used for this purpose and in some cases can work out cheaper as mortgage rates tend to be cheaper than personal loan interest rates.
a loan that will enable you to pay all of your creditors
A large loan is taken to help pay for smaller loans held elsewhere.
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