Definitions for "Loan Term"
Keywords:  repaid, amortized, ebffed, dda, ecf
The life of the loan, which shall not exceed five years unless the loan is for the purpose of acquisition of a primary residence which may be up to 30 years.
The period of time you have to pay back a loan. It will be spelled out in loan documents.
The period granted for loan repayment.
A term in one language (source language) which has been adopted without change in a second (or target) language, i. e. , Kindergarten (de) and kindergartens (en) ( ISO 5964, p. 3).
(See Term).
The number of months that you will make monthly payments. If the loan term is the same as the payment calculation term, you will pay the loan in full during the loan term and no balance will be due. If the payment calculation term is greater than the loan term, a balance or "balloon payment" may be due at the end of the loan term.