Definitions for "Redraw"
Keywords:  draw, redraft, indorsers, flush, flop
To draw again; to make a second draft or copy of; to redraft.
To draw a new bill of exchange, as the holder of a protested bill, on the drawer or indorsers.
A draw to an even better hand when you are holding the best Hand.
Part or all of a window must be redrawn if either the window server causes it to be invalidated, or the application model changes, requiring an update. See also: window  invalid
display: When you move an object across the screen, scroll, or change windows, all or part of the screen has to be redrawn. The Mac has to figure out where everything has moved to and redraw them in their new places. This can take a lot of time with complex text or color images (hello Photoshop). Some applications allow you to delay redraw. You can also force a redraw in various ways. Other applications let you work in a lower-resolution mode to speed redraw. As processors become faster and stronger this issue will diminish.
The amount of funds available to you to withdraw from your home loan and is equal to the amount of extra lump sum repayments you have made over and above your contracted loan repayments. Not available on all loan types however generally available on most variable rate loans.
A loan feature that allows the withdrawal of funds from a loan, if the borrower has made additional repayments.
A Redraw facility allows you to access any extra payments you have made into a standard home loan. Not to be confused with a Line Of Credit facility.