Definitions for "Cashback"
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This scheme is often used as an incentive for customers to buy or use a product. The borrower is given money back – usually a percentage of the amount borrowed, or a fixed amount.
a set lump sum or a percentage of your loan offered as cash on completion as part of your mortgage deal. Often the deal is then subject to early redemption penalties.
A loan where the borrower is given back a sum of money (usually a percentage of the loan). This is offered by some lenders as an incentive to borrow from them. These loans are typically at a higher rate than other mortgages.
Cashback is a 2004 short film and a 2006 feature film directed by Sean Ellis, produced by Lene Bausager and starring Sean Biggerstaff, Michelle Ryan and Emilia Fox.
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an expression of joy usually associated with hearing good news (Nominated by reader Barnaby Moffat, UK)
A service offered by most supermarkets and some pubs. It allows you to withdraw cash from your current account when you shop using your debit card. The total amount - the cost of your shopping or drinks plus the cash - is deducted from your current account.
A site that pay you for shopping with their affiliated merchants. The merchants pay the Cashback site when a member of the Cashback site shops with them. A portion of this money is then given to the member of the Cashback site.
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IFA Repayment
If you have made additional repayments on your loan, you may be able to access these through our Cashback service. Find out more about how to apply for a loan Cashback.
A rebate awarded by a casino to members of its slot club for reaching certain (predetermined) thresholds of play.