Definitions for "Thresholds"
Thresholds is the second full-length studio album from Florida death metal band, Nocturnus. It was released in 1992 by Earache Records and follows the band's debut album, The Key.
Monetary, time, or resource values used as parameters, which if breached will cause some type of management action to occur. [D04664] QWF
Conversion of grayscale image data into a bitonal image. Usually thresholds occur inside the scanner.
Keywords:  smart, false, weak, distinguish, hits
For each of the domains found by SMART a combination of thresholds is used to distinguish between true and false hits. In the input page you can lower these thresholds by some percentage to find weak hits, but false ones will come up. This option is useful if you have some additional information about youre protein that let you assume that a special domain is in it. Use with care. The different thresholds are described in the SMART paper.