Definitions for "Honda"
Keywords:  acura, quaity, karting, scooters, atvs
a quaity car, but it does require maintenance
Manufacturer of a 4-cycle engine used in some karting classes.
Honda, is a Japanese engine manufacturer and engineering corporation. The company is perhaps most notable for its automobiles and motorcycles, but it also produces a long list of other products: trucks, scooters, robots, jets and jet engines, ATVs, water craft, electrical generators, marine engines, lawn and garden equipment, and aeronautical and other mobile technologies. Honda's high-end line of cars are branded Acura in North America and China.
Keywords:  hondo, rawhide, slides, loop, usage
(or hondo): a metal, rope, or rawhide ring, through which a rope slides to make a loop. Several styles are available depending on the usage.
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a quality brand with quality break pads that are easily replaced and reliable