Definitions for "Overlord"
Plan for invasion of northwest Europe in 1944.
Invasion of northwest Europe, June 1944
The codename for the D-Day landings.
Overlord is a comic-book supervillain created by Erik Larsen, first appearing in Larsen's Savage Dragon series and serving as that title's first principle villain. Like many of Larsen's characters, Overlord was based on a character that Larsen had created during his childhood. First conceived as "Bronzeman," a sort of criminal counterpart to Iron Man, Larsen later found his disliked the name and changed it to Overlord.
Overlord is a fictional character from the animated series and its accompanying toyline, initially exclusive to Japan.
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A necromancer with lots of minions.
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One who is lord over another or others; a superior lord; a master.
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a person who has general authority over others