Definitions for "Mage"
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One who uses a force (other than that of some god or other) to cast spells.
(MAY-jeh) - A person who studies the art of shaping the ambient magical energy that surrounds the world. (See Wild Mage)
The true lords of wizardry are the magi. The mage can gain power only by accessing the energy of a chaosgate, or by bargaining with a greater presence. The only character class able to use magic, the mage can learn between three and five spheres of magic.
Is Mechanical Aerospace Ground Equipment.
Is Mechnical Aerospace Ground Equipment.
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Topknot - hairstyle
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A magician.
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A flexible, generic, and extensible framework for creating game engines. The framework supports many of the features of modern game engines, including 3-D graphics, AI, physics, audio, scripting, and networking. It is written in C++ and is cross-platform
MAGE is a world editor for OGRE 3D engine. MAGE is abstracted from concrete game type and can be easily used in your game project.
a abusos naturals person with an innate understanding of arcane, and can use it as easily as breathing
a master of intellect and manipulator of elemental energies, often called mana
A program to view and manipulate three dimensional protein structures stored in kinemage format. See the Official Kinemage Home Page for details.
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a must for skellie control
Mage is a superhero comic book written and illustrated by Matt Wagner. Three volumes, each of 15 issues are planned; as of 2006, two have been published.
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a great duo with a healer, not the best for a pet class
MAGE antigens are a family of closely related proteins, which are typical of human melanoma cells and are used for cancer immunotherapy treatment. They can be used for the simultaneous identification of the presence or absence of MAGE's antigens.
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a shaman or medicine person
Pure Mage (distinguished by a capital ), any of the Specialist Mages or Bard.
One who is trained in the harnessing and controlling of Magick .
MAGE takes mathematical equations from the user, using 'x' and 'y' as variables, for each color component then draws each pixel in a certain area with the color it calculates using those equations.
a person who is able to utilize the powers of nature to bring about transformations