Definitions for "juju"
Keywords:  yoruba, nigeria, guitar, sunny, pedal
(ju ju ) is a word with many meanings. In the context of music it refers to a popular and social music from Nigeria. Instrumentation includes call and response voices, several guitars, bass, drumset, keyboards and a large percussion section of talking drums, congas, shekere, bells, and maracas. Giants in the field of Juju music are King Sunny Ade and Ebenezer Obey. I.K. Diaro was a pioneer of the style starting in the 1960's. He is credited with bringing the talking drum into Juju music. Juju is sung in the Yoruba language.
I.K. Dairo was credited with being the first modern Juju star. This popular style from Nigeria relies on the traditional Yoruba rhythms, but instead of being played on all precussive instruments as tradition demands the instruments in Juju are more Western in origin. Drum kit, guitars, keyboards, often pedal steel guitar and some times accordian (squeeze box) are used along with the traditional dun-dun (talking drum, or squeeze drum). King Sunny Ade is the most well known of all Juju performers.
Popular Yoruba style from Nigeria, featuring talking drums, guitars, keyboards, and sometimes pedal steel.
the magical power associated with a juju{2}.
An object superstitiously believed to embody magical powers; a fetish.
A West African object used as an amulet, charm or fetish. Also a word for karma, i.e. 'bad juju'.
Pidgin term for 'medicines' covering all kinds of transformative agencies including ancestral stones, herbal medicines and masquerades (ie associations, societies, etc.)