Definitions for "AMI"
A line coding format used on T1 facilities that transmits ones by alternate positive and negative pulses.
alternate mask inversion
A T1 line coding scheme that operates at 56 Kbps by reserving one bit out of eight as a control bit. AMI is an older standard, but is still used for transporting voice transmissions.
Acute Myocardial Infarction. The medical term for heart attack.
Acute Myocardial Infarction. An AMI or heart attack, occurs when the arteries leading to the heart become blocked and the blood supply is slowed or stopped. When the heart muscle can't get the oxygen and nutrients it needs, the part of the heart tissue that is affected may die.
see Acute Myocardial Infarction
The Active Microwave Instrument, a SAR and Scatterometer in one.
Refers to Access Method Interface or an Active Microwave Instrument.
Abbreviation for Active Microwave Instrument.
Appliction Messaging Interface. An API provided by Message Oriented Middleware, such as MQSeries' Message Queueing Interface (MQI).
the user interface to Marconi ForeThought switch control software (SCS). AMI lets users monitor and change various operating configurations of Marconi switches and network module hardware and software, IP connectivity, and SNMP network management.
Advanced Machine Interface - ADR's BTR
Australia–Malaysia Institute
American Median Income
American Meat Institute
an a.m. inspection (refers to a high level of cleanliness for cadet rooms)
A.M. Inspection; room inspection to ensure cleanliness and adherence to standards
Aeronautica Militare Italiana
Acordo Multilateral de Investimentos
AUSTRAC Messaging Infrastructure
Automated or advanced metering infrastructure, utility infrastructure with two-way communications for metering and associated systems allowing delivery of a wide variety of services and applications to the utility and customer
Australasian Medical Index
See Applied Medical Informatics Division below.
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Albert Meaning Interpreter
Asynchronous Method Invocations
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Alliance for the Mentally Ill
Popular PC-compatible BIOS manufacturer.
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Auto Mobil International
A digital transmission technique in which binary values are sent by three voltage states.
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Area of mutual interest.
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Asset Management and Insurance