Definitions for "Metering"
The mechanism by which the volume of sand is controlled prior to and during flask filling.
A system that measures the amount of light in the current frame and determines the best fit for exposure.
The process of measuring the usage of volume of a system, such as software functions that monitor and sometimes control the number of concurrent users as specified in the licensing agreement.
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LDC function where a utility employee comes and reads your meter to see exactly how many kWh have been used over a given period of time, usually a month.
A seed metering unit on a seed drill controls the flow of seed in relation to ground speed so that exactly the correct weight/area is sown.
To create and maintain a specific flow of liquid by continuously pulsing a pump. A liquid can be metered continuously, or over a specific period of time.
This feature is intended for support of payphones, and therefore includes dedicated circuits for the detection of polarity and of 16 kHz or 12 kHz metering pulses.
A method of time-regulating arrival traffic flow into a terminal area so as not to exceed a predetermined terminal acceptance rate. Fr: minutage
See traffic shaping.
The process of imprinting postage on a mailing piece using a postage meter.