Definitions for "EER"
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Energy Efficiency Ratio / Energie-Wirkungsgrad-Verhältnis
ENERGY EFFICIENCY RATING. This is a number assigned to every air conditioning unit based on how efficiently an AC unit uses up energy. This number is arrived at by taking the unit's BTU/hr divided by its electrical input in watts. The higher this number is, the more efficient the air conditioning unit is (and the more money it wills save you in the long run on your energy bill). Smaller units can have an EER up to about 11 while the most efficient larger model AC's can have an EER rating of up to 13. For example, an AC unit with an EER rating of 10 should use up to 20% less energy than a similar unit with an EER rating of 8.
See Chapter 12, Efficiency Ratings, for more information.
extra-esophageal reflux; reflux condition in which the acid escapes the esophagus, allowing it to potentially reach the airway, throat, nasal cavity, sinuses, and middle ear
Entered Employment Rate
Equal error rate.
Experimental Event Rate: see Event Rate.
Extended Entity Relationship