Definitions for "Incidence"
A falling on or upon; an incident; an event; an occurrence.
the frequency with which something happens, or the rate at which disease or death occurs in a population; often expressed as number per hundred thousand population.
The frequency or range of occurrences.
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angle at which wing is set to the fore/aft axis
the striking of a light beam on a surface; "he measured the angle of incidence of the reflected light"
The angle, relative to the fuselage datum, at which a wing is set.
incidence - malignant pleural mesothelioma.
In geometry, the relations of incidence are those such as 'lies on' between points and lines (as in 'point P lies on line L'), and 'intersects' (as in 'line L1 intersects line L2', in three-dimensional space). That is, they are the binary relations describing how subsets meet. The propositions of incidence stated in terms of them are statements such as 'any two lines in a plane meet'.
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The rate or ratio at which something occurs; as, the incidence of murder in Los Angeles; the incidence of cancer in men over 50.
Incontinence Inflammation
The ultimate distributional effect of a tax, expenditure, or regulatory program.
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a certain formal construct of graph theory associated with an edge and pair of nodes to which it assigns an order, §5-6.
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Flux incident per unit area of a surface.
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the proportion of damaged or affected trees within a stand or area.
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The direction in which a body, or a ray of light or heat, falls on any surface.