Definitions for "Robert Gray"
American navigator who twice circumnavigated the globe and who discovered the Columbia River (1755-1806)
Robert Gray (b. 1945) is an Australian poet. Gray grew up in Coffs Harbour and was educated in a country town on the north coast of New South Wales. He trained there as a journalist, and since then has worked in Sydney as an editor, advertising copywriter, reviewer and buyer for bookshops.
Robert Gray (May 10, 1755 – c. July, 1806) was an American merchant sea-captain and explorer who is known for having completed the first circumnavigation of the world by an American ship, in 1790, and perhaps best known for entering and naming the Columbia River, in 1792. He achieved both in connection with trading voyages to the north Pacific coast of North America, which pioneered the American sea-borne fur trade there.