Definitions for "BALANCED LINE"
A two-conductor line in which both conductors have the same impedance with respect to ground. Since noise pickup is equal on both conductors, common-mode interference is cancelled at the load.
Refers to a cable design that uses the same wire types for the signal and ground. Twisted pair cable is a balanced line
A method of carrying sound signals which reduces interference by using a third conductor, the shield. The two inner conductors carry the same sound signal, one is positive and the other is negative. Any interference induced into the cable is equal and opposite in each of the inner conductors and is cancelled out. It is important to use balanced lines when carrying low level signals (e.g. microphones) along long cable runs. See unbalanced line.
Offensive formation where there are an equal number of lineman located on either side of the center.
A formation with an equal number of linemen on either side of the center.
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