Definitions for "GROUND LOOP"
Hum caused by currents circulating through the ground side of a piece of equipment or system. This is due to grounding it at points of different voltage potential.
An unwanted signal that is on the ground of an electronic system that will produce audio where it is not wanted. Usually 60 Hz hum, power supply hum, or light dimmer buzz.
A ground loop occurs when there are too many ground points, allowing small electrical currents to flow.
Flipping the plane when it's on the ground, can be caused by gusts of wind, applying too much wheel brake, even revving the engine to hard on takeoff.
A rapid circular rotation of a model on the ground, usually performed while taxying or during take off TAILDRAGGER aircraft are particulalrly suceptible to this as they are sensitive to crosswinds.
In aviation, a ground loop refers to the rapid rotation of a fixed-wing aircraft in the horizontal plane whilst on the ground. Aerodynamic and centrifugal forces may cause one wing to rise, which may then cause the other wingtip to touch the ground.
A series of heat exchange pipes which are buried either vertically or horizontally in the earth.
A series of heat exchange pipes containing an antifreeze solution buried either vertically or horizontally in the earth.
an often-overlooked mistake in the gate driver circuitry layout
a sharp uncontrollable turn made by an airplane while moving along the ground
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Arrangement that exists when a multi-path connection exists between computers. Usually this occurs when computers are connected to each other through a ground wire and when computers are attached to the same network using twisted pair cable.
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a difference in ground between two or more components
occurs when the grounds of two units are tied together in more than one place.